• European product design award 2018

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    Portapivot receives gold !

    Portapivot 6530 European product design award 2018
    Portapivot European product design award 2018 gold prize winner certificate
    Portapivot 6530 XL

    Portapivot 6530 XL receives a European product design award

    European Product Design Award™

    Recognizing & rewarding innovative and imaginative creations

    The European Product Design Award was created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. They reward strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making a great product.

    Farmani Group assembled the European Product Design Award to bring attention to international product design and promote the winning designers to the prominent audience in Europe.

    The Farmani Group, established in 1985, is the organizer of International Design Awards (IDA), Prix de la Photographie in Paris, London International Creative Awards, and the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography, which has emerged as one of the world’s most prestigious photography awards.

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  • portapivot 6530 brushed brass

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    Brushed Brass finish

    Portapivot 6530 & 3030 new exclusive brushed brass finish

    Portapivot might just be the ideal solution to make a unique design statement in your client's interior. We offer our pivoting eye-catchers in a custom-made kit, designed for interior professionals and craftsmen!

    Our popular pivoting door is made with a minimal anodized aluminium frame, available in 3 standard matte anodized colors and 1 very exclusive brushed brass anodized color. Our anodizing partner Alumet is renowed for its exclusive and high-end anodizing finishes and therefor we will be offering a very exclusive finish by June for both Portapivot 6530 (pivot door system) & Portapivot 3030 (fixed partition system).

    Both the 6530 & 3030 frame systems can be fitted with any type of 6 or 8 mm thick tempered safety glass. We advise the use of 6 mm thick tempered glass due to it's overall weight advantage. Safety wise the glass is fully enclosed so the thickness is more than enough when using tempered glass.

    The 6530 frame is equipped with our invisible "Stealth Pivot" pivoting hinges, designed specifically to be mounted on top of a finished surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures.


    6530 brushed brass finish

    Portapivot 6530

    3030 brushed brass finish

    Portapivot 3030

    Portapivot 6530 XL brushed brass
    Portapivot 6530 NL brushed brass

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  • Iconic Awards 2018 - Innovative interior

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    Portapivot 6530 iconic awards 2018 innovative interior best of best

    ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative interior - "best of best"

    The goal of the “ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior” is to discover and distinguish the best creations in all areas of interior design.

    The awards promote a holistic design standard that the German Design Council has been advocating for over 60 years. Founded at the initiative of the German Bundestagand sponsored by German industry, their mission is to promote higher quality in our living environments through good design in all areas.

    Extensive experience and expertise shape the German Design Council’s reputation and distinguish it as an organizer of various important industry competitions. The German Design Council supports the industry in all design-related matters and is one of the world’s leading centres of competence for the communication of holistic design.

    Portapivot 6530 iconic awards 2018 best of best
    Portapivot 6530 XL glass pivot door


    An independent expert jury is responsible for choosing the prize winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Interior. The jury consists of representatives from the design, trade and media sectors.

    Barbara Friedrich, Design journalist

    Andrej Kupetz, CEO German Design Council

    Stefan Scholten & Carole Baijings, Owner Scholten & Baijings

    Gerhard Wolf, Owner Funktion Möbel

    Sebastian Wrong, Co-Founder Established and Sons


    The entries should stand out thanks to their exceptional nature from the following perspectives:

    · Practical value

    · Ergonomics

    · Overall concept

    · Functionality and usability

    · Design quality

    · Degree of innovation

    · Longevity

    · Marketing concept and marketing innovation

    · Ecological sustainability, ecological quality

    · Product aesthetics

    · Safety and accessibility

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  • Archiproducts design awards 2017

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    PORTAPIVOT 6530 XL by Portapivot is Winner of the 2017 edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards, in the Building shell category!


    Snapshot of the excellences of international design, the ADA spotlight the most virtuous cooperations between brands and designers, and the innovations of their products as well, celebrating the successful results that today are writing new chapters in the history of architecture and design.

    The international jury, whose members are 40 among the most influent international architecture firms, in synergy with the Archiproducts Design Awards team, selected Portapivot as one of the winners out of over 600 candidate proposals coming from all over the world.

    Portapivot was awarded because of:

    - Technical quality and function

    - Functionality and operability

    - Aesthetics

    The Award is an iconic object made up of ceramics and metal, and designed in a limited edition by the Spanish designers of MUT Design Studio, who explored the anamorphic art starting from the ADA concept. You will soon receive information on how to get your award.

    Discover more on: http://awards.archiproducts.com/winners-2017/

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  • Self-closing pivot hinge

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    compact self-closing pivot hinge

    Compact self-closing pivot hinge

    Stealth pivot is a compact and innovative pivot hinge, that can be fitted inside any door leaf. The pivot hinge features an adjustable self-closing system that works in all swing directions up to 360°. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible, hence the name "Stealth Pivot".

    The self-closing pivoting hinges make it possible to create pivot doors up to 150 kg, that feel as light as a feather in operation. The normal version is designed for pivot doors up to 75 kg and features an adjustable offset axis point that can be set up at either 80 mm or 178 mm by simply turning the hinge inside the door leaf.

    Stealth Pivot XL is designed for large pivot doors up to 150 kg. The axis can be positioned at 1/3 up to the centre of the door leaf, with a configurable swing operation of 180° or 360° like a carrousel. This pivot hinge can be used for extra large door leafs up to 2250 mm width.

    Stealth Pivot NL compact self-closing pivot hinge

    Stealth Pivot NL

    • Designed for doors up to 75 kg - 165 lbs
    • Compact size: 170 mm x 41 mm x 25 mm
    • Modular offset axis point: 80 mm or 178 mm
    • Swing operation: 180°
    • 1-way 90° or 2-way 180° configurable
    • 90° open/hold positioning
    • Optional magnetic 0° positioning accessory
    • High-tech closing technology with Suspa gas springs
    • Adjustable closing force 300N - 400N
    • Maintenance free design
    self-closing pivot hinge

    Stealth Pivot XL

    • Designed for doors up to 150 kg - 330 lbs
    • Size: 270 mm x 41 mm x 25 mm
    • Offset axis 1/3 or central axis position
    • Swing operation: 180° or 360°
    • 1-way 90° or 2-way 180° / 360° configurable
    • 90° open/hold positioning
    • Optional magnetic 0° positioning accessory
    • High-tech closing technology with Suspa gas springs
    • Adjustable closing force 300N - 400N - 500N
    • Maintenance free design


    Easy installation without built-in parts

    During development, a great deal of attention went into ease of installation, to ensure that the resulting pivot system could be used in both new and existing homes, regardless the construction, without the need for any pre-installed elements.

    This pivot door hinge is mounted straight on top of the finished floor and underneath a solid or reinforced ceiling surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures. The minimal anchoring (2 Hilti screws and plugs +- 4.5 cm deep) allows for easy installation on any type of surface.


    Assembly & installation manuals




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