How does Portapivot work?


Portapivot is specialized in made-to-measure pivot doors and ships it's hardware worldwide.

Our process is quite simple.

Your local craftsman configures and orders the desired setup online. We produce the necessary hardware and provide your craftsman with the glass dimensions, so he can order glass locally. We ship the hardware within 20 business days. He can then assemble and install the door in your home.



Our distinctive #pivotingroomdividers have the ability to completely transform a space...

Not just by giving it a cool and modern edge, but also by offering a modular way to open up space and letting in more light.

The invisible pivot hinge is fully integrated inside the aluminium frame! The door is installed in a completely finished door opening and the pivot hinge is mounted on top of the floor and ceiling, without the need for any built-in fixtures.

Due to clever engineering, even a toddler can open doors that weigh up to 150 kg!

📐 Made to measure hardware
💡 Patented technology
💻 eCommerce website
🌍 Worldwide shipping

Glass and aluminium pivot door


Portapivot 5730 bronze

Glass pivot door system


Portapivot 5730 with optional door jambs and a fixed partition


Portapivot 5730 glass and aluminium pivot door


Portapivot 5730 with 15 mm grid design


Portapivot 5730 aluminium pivot door

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