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Pivot door hardware

Pivot door hardware

Portapivot specializes in pivot doors and compact pivot hinge systems. Our door systems are always made-to-measure and are shipped worldwide as self-assembly sets for interior & construction professionals.

Our pivot systems might just be the ideal design statement which fit seamless in any interior style since they can be installed in both new as existing projects.

Stealthpivot XL exploded view

Pivot door explained

A pivot door essentially rotates around an imaginary vertical axis which can be placed anywhere inside the door's width.

When a pivot door rotates around it's axis, part of the door moves in the opposite direction.

A pivot door equipped with Stealthpivot can be opened handsfree and creates a unique design statement.

Pivot door with invisible pivot hinge

Pivot systems

Stealthpivot is a compact and innovative pivot hinge system, that can be fitted inside any door leaf. The pivot hinge is designed for indoor use and features a self-closing system that works in all swing directions up to 360°. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible, hence the name "Stealth Pivot".

Stealthpivot pivot hinge systems

Door systems

Made-to-measure hardware systems with anodized aluminium profiles, a pivot hinge and all the necessary assembly & installation accessories. Only glass or other finishes need to be sourced at a local supplier for shipping convenience. We offer worldwide shipping by DHL Express.

Portapivot pivot door systems

Glass and aluminium pivot door

Online configurators

Configure your ideal pivot door online. There's a wide variety of interior grade glass and decorative finishes so you can personalize the door as desired. The frame can be equipped with any 6 or 8 mm thick tempered glass.

Stealthpivot NL

This version is designed for pivot doors up to 75 kg and features a modular axis point which can be set up from 85 mm up to the centre of the door.

Stealthpivot NL axis positions

Stealthpivot XL

This version is designed for large pivot doors up to 150 kg and the axis can be positioned from 1/4 up to the centre of the door.

Stealthpivot XL axis positions

Configurable axis

Stealthpivot can be configured for an offset axis setup with 180° swing motion or it can be set up for 360° functionality when installed in the middle of the door leaf.

The pivot hinge will self-close from 70° and has hold postions at every position (-90° | 0° | +90°) in between.

Self-closing pivot hinge overview

Portapivot 5730 bronze

Glass pivot door system

Portapivot 5730 with optional door jambs and a fixed partition

Portapivot 5730 glass and aluminium pivot door

Portapivot 5730 with 15 mm grid design

Portapivot 5730 aluminium pivot door

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