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What does pivot door mean?

What does pivot door mean?

A pivot door rotates around an imaginary vertical axis. With their size and movement, they can create truly unique design statements.

Some refer to them as pivot doors; but Portapivot calls them "pivoting room dividers". A pivot door, thanks to innovative pivot hinges, can be installed without the need for integrated floor mountings like a traditional floor sprung.

Aluminium pivot door

A pivot door can be installed in both new buildings as existing homes and offices. The door is installed in the fully finished opening without any built-in parts, it's simply mounted on top of the finished floor and ceiling surface with 2 bolts and plugs to a depth of +/- 45 mm.

Axis position

The vertical axis can be in an offset position (180°) or in the middle of the door, allowing it to pivot 360°. With the axis off-centre, the pivot axis position depends on the overal width of the door. For doors wider than 1250 mm, a minimum ratio of 1/4 is advised for stability and durability.

Pivot axis position

Invisible integration

A pivot hinge is fitted inside the door leaf and therefor remains invisible. Pivot hinges can be integrated in virtually any door type, regardless the material used. Pivot doors are mounted inside a fully finished wall opening and don't require traditional door frames.

Fully mortised pivot hinge

Pivoting glass walls

Configure online

You can easily design your ideal pivot door with our online product configurators. There's a wide variety of interior grade glass and decorative finishes so you can personalize the door as desired. We offer worldwide shipping!

Self-assemby kit

Portapivot's systems are sold as self-assembly kits to construction professionals. The set consist of the aluminium frame, Stealthpivot and all the necessary assembly and installation accessories.

Central axis pivot door with 360° functionality

Offset axis pivot door

Modern steel pivot door

Custom made steel pivot door

Modern pivot door

Pivot door features

  • Handsfree opening (push/pull)
  • 180° or 360° functionality (depends on axis position)
  • -90° and +90° hold positions (door remains open)
  • Self-closing pivot hinge
  • Possible in new and existing constructions
  • Requires a fully finished door opening
  • Requires a solid mounting surface (=dry wall needs to be reinforced with wood)

Important things to consider

If your are in the market for a pivot door, there are a few important considerations. First thing that comes to mind is appropriate hardware!

There are many pivot door manufacturers out there and almost all offer specialized hardware, some suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, but many are only suited for indoor use. Stealthpivot, which is the pivot hinge system designed by Portapivot for instance is specifically designed for indoor use and can't be used for outdoor setups!

Second thing that comes to mind is use case. Internal pivot doors offer a lot of functionality (handsfree 180° or 360° walk through capability) and visual impact (the door just looks cool!) but external pivot doors will be a lot more complicated than traditional doors in regards to insulation and sealing, so keep that in mind when shopping around for your front door in cold climates.

If you have any questions regarding our hinge or pivot door systems, please feel free to contact us!

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