Compact pivot hinge system


Stealthpivot is a compact and innovative pivot hinge system, that can be fitted inside any door leaf. The pivot hinge is designed for indoor use and features a self-closing system that works in all swing directions up to 360°. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible, hence the name "Stealth Pivot". 

Stealthpivot fully mortised pivot hinge systems



Stealthpivot NL

This version is designed for pivot doors up to 75 kg and features a modular axis point that can be set up from 85 mm up to the centre of the door.

Stealthpivot NL dimensions


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Stealthpivot XL

This version is designed for large pivot doors up to 150 kg and the axis can be positioned from 1/4 up to the centre of the door.

Stealthpivot XL dimensions


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Stealthpivot axis positions

Stealthpivot axis positions

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Adjustable 180° & 360° swing rotation

You can easily switch between 180° and 360° swing functionality by adjusting the position of the S90 rotation limiter on the bottom of the pivot hinge.

Stealthpivot adjustable rotation

Easy integration and installation

During development, a great deal of attention went into ease of installation, to ensure that the resulting pivot system could be used in both new and existing homes, regardless the construction, without the need for any pre-installed elements.

The pivot hinge is fitted inside the door leaf and should be mounted on top of the finished floor and solid or reinforced ceiling surface, without the need for any pré-installed or other built-in fixtures.

Minimal anchoring (2 screws and plugs 4.5 cm deep) allows easy installation on any type of surface.

Stealthpivot easy installation

Advised joint dimensions

The minimum joint dimension depends on the overall door thickness and pivot distance, but we advise a top and bottom joint of 11 mm. The minimum joint dimensions for the sides is 3 mm, but thicker door panels will require larger joints as described in the image below.
Stealthpivot advised joint dimensions

Optional 0° positioning magnets

Optional accessory sets with 0° positioning magnets and 1-way accessories are available on our product pages.

Optional positioning magnets for pivot doors


Stealthpivot technical specifications




180° or 360° swing operation

Hold positions -90° | 0° | +90°

Maximum weight & dimensions:

Stealthpivot NL

75 kg - 165 lbs

Max. door width 1250 mm (approx. 49.21 inches | 25.4 mm = 1 inch)

Stealthpivot XL

150 kg - 330 lbs

Max. door width 2250 mm ( approx. 88.58 inches | 25.4 mm = 1 inch )

Minimum pivot point distance:

Stealthpivot NL < 1000 mm = 85 mm up to the centre

Stealthpivot XL < 1250 mm = 150 mm | > 1250 mm = 1/4 up to the centre

Suitable for:

Internal doors (min. thickness 30 mm)

Closure force:

Both the top and bottom hinge are equipped with a 420N Suspa gas damper.

The closing force is influenced by environmental aspects such as room and joint dimensions, air tightness, overall weight of the door,...

Swing operation:

180° swing operation with built-in doorstop and hold functions at +90° | -90°.

360° swing operation when S90 built-in doorstop is removed.

Closed door positioning (0°)

The hinge mounts feature a correction system with hexagonal bolts to fine-tune the door position at 0° after installation. We also include a set of magnets in the complete and basic set to ensure that the positioning at 0° is guaranteed over time.

The optional 1-way accessory blocks the door when 1-way 90° swing operation is desired.

Joint dimensions:

The advised joint dimensions are based on a completely square (rectangular) opening.

Top 11 mm

Bottom 11 mm

Left and right: 3 - 5 mm (up to 50 mm thick panel = thicker panels need to be recalculated accordingly) 


2 year manufacturer warranty

DIN EN 1191:2013 - Resistance to repeated opening and closing = C5 200.000x cycles (durability tested and approved by WOOD.BE)


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