double glass pivot door with elegant glass patch fittings

Glass pivot doors 

PORTAPIVOT glass patch fittings

Portapivot's compact and elegant patch fittings for glass pivot doors are equipped with invisible pivoting hinges, designed to fit seamlessy into any interior style.

Our patch fittings are designed with minimal architecture in mind and are available in 3 anodized colors. The patch fittings can be fitted with any type of 10 mm thick tempered glass and are designed specifically to be mounted on top of a finished solid floor surface and solid or reinforced ceiling, without the need for any built-in fixtures to create elegant frameless glass doors. 

There's a normal and XL version of the glass patch fittings available.



glass pivot door with elegant offset axis glass patch fittings

Minimal glass patch fittings with built-in pivoting hinges

Portapivot’s glass patch fittings are equipped with invisible Stealth Pivot hinges, which feature a high-tech comfort closure, that works in both swing directions. These innovative pivot hinges make it possible to create a glass door up to 150 kg, that feels as light as a feather.

The "normal" version of our glass patches is designed for doors up to 75 kg and feature an adjustable offset axis point that can be set up at either 80 mm or 178 mm, by simply turning the hinge inside the patch.  

The "XL" version is designed for large glass pivot doors up to 150 kg. The XL glass patch can be mounted at 1/3 with an offset axis position or in the centre, with a configurable swing operation of 180° or 360° like a carrousel.

Stealth Pivot is mounted on top of the finished surface, without any built-in fixtures. The minimal anchoring (2 bolts +-4.5 cm deep) allows for easy installation on any type of solid surface. During development, a great deal of attention went into ease of installation, so that the resulting pivot system could be used in both new and existing homes.

glass pivot door with central axis pivoting hinge

Glass patch fittings self-assembly kit 

Portapivot's Glass pivot door system is sold in a self-assembly kit, that consist of a set glass patch fittings (normal or XL), a set of stealth pivot hinges and all the necessary assembly and installation accessories. Only the tempered glass sheet needs to be sourced at a local glass supplier.

We calculate the appropriate glass dimensions upon ordering when you correctly specify your panel measurements, using our “dimensions & joint calculation” tools. 

The glass dimensions are sent with the final order confirmation after your oder has been processed and payment has been verified.

We also offer a selection of modern handles made from anodized aluminium, closely matching the color of the glass fittings.

There's a very big variety of interior grade glass and decorative finishes which allows you to personalize the glass door as desired by your clients.

  • Natural - Silver
  • Black
  • Bronze

Portapivot's GLASS fittings are made from anodized aluminium and are finished in one of the anodizing colors above. Anodizing is an electrochemical process which gives the metal surface a decorative, durable and corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Aluminum is ideally suited to anodizing. The anodic oxide structure originates from the aluminum substrate and is composed entirely of aluminum oxide. This aluminum oxide is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate, so it cannot chip or peel. It has a highly ordered, porous structure that allows for secondary processes such as coloring and sealing.

Anodized aluminium is considered environmentally safe, producing few, if any, harmful effects on land, air, or water. 

We work with a selection of high quality manufacturers to keep the final products as consistent as possible, but slight variances in color may occur. Slight color variations are normal occurrences for anodized aluminium products and cannot be considered manufacturing defects or deficiencies.

Portapivot GLASS

Portapivot GLASS XL - for large glass pivot doors

Stealth pivot is designed to be mounted on top of a finished surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures. The hinge is fitted inside the aluminium glass fittings and therefore remains invisible after installation, hence the name "stealth pivot". All the necessary screws and plugs are included in the kit, for easy and straightforward installation purposes. The appropriate Stealth Pivot kit will be included, based upon the size of the glass patch fittings.

"Normal" hinge:

  • Compact size 170 mm x 41 mm x 25 mm
  • Designed for doors up to 75 kg 
  • Modular axis point: 80 mm or 178 mm
  • Swing operation: 180°
  • 1-way 90° with included accessory 
  • 90° open/hold positioning
  • High-tech closing technology with Suspa gas springs
  • Adjustable closing force 300N - 400N
  • Maintenance free design

XL" hinge: 

  • Compact size 270 mm x 41 mm x 25 mm
  • Designed for doors up to 150 kg
  • Offset axis 1/3 or central axis position
  • Swing operation: 180° or 360°
  • 1-way 90° with included accessory 
  • 90° open/hold positioning
  • High-tech closing technology with Suspa gas springs
  • Adjustable closing force 400N - 500N
  • Maintenance free design
Innovative pivoting hinge
Stealth pivot pivoting hinge without floor spring
pivot hinge without any built-in parts
Stealth pivot pivoting hinge without floor spring

Portapivot offers its know-how & technology in a self-assembly "DIY" package, designed for interior professionals and craftsmen all over the world.

Our Glass fittings are available in 3 anodized aluminium finishes. The tempered glass sheet needs to be sourced at a local glass supplier. You can use any 10mm thick type of glass. There's a wide selection of interior grade glass and decorative finishes so you can personalize the door as desired. Please check local legislation and law in regards to the glass type and required composition (tempered, hardened, leavened, a combination of both,...).

After we processed your order and verified payment, we send the correct glass dimensions & specifications by pdf so you can order the required glass at your preferred local partner.

When handles are ordered alongside Portapivot's glass patch fittings, we also apply the fitting openings to the glass pdf. Please check the height and placement of the handles before ordering the glass at your local supplier! We use European standards, but these may vary in your country or may be different from your clients preference.

Portapivot "Glass" is a self-assembly kit for frameless glass pivot doors.  

All Portapivot products are shipped in a "self-assembly" kit, with all necessary components except the glass, which needs to be sourced locally. We provide the glass dimensions & specifications when your order is processed and payment has been verified.

Portapivot GLASS kit content:

  • Glass fittings set made from high quality anodized aluminium
  • Stealth Pivot hinge set
  • Assembly accessories
  • Detailed assembly instructions in multiple languages
  • 3D videos with visual assembly & installation instructions

Portapivot Glass is processed and shipped within one week after ordering and is delivered to your doorstep within 2 weeks by our shipping partner FEDEX. 

Portapivot Glass dimensions

In our shop pages, you can see all available sizes and select the most appropriate size for your door opening. You have to specify the exact opening dimensions so we can specify the production dimensions for your local glass order!

GLASS "normal" set

Single doors:

Minimum height:    2000 mm 
Maximum height:   2950 mm

Minimum width:       800 mm
Maximum width:    1250 mm

Double doors: 

Minimum height:    2000 mm 
Maximum height:   2950 mm

Minimum width:     1500 mm
Maximum width:    2500 mm

GLASS "XL" set

Single doors:

Minimum height:    2000 mm 
Maximum height:   2950 mm

Minimum width:     1250 mm
Maximum width:    2250 mm

Double doors: 

Minimum height:    2000 mm 
Maximum height:   2950 mm

Minimum width:     2500 mm
Maximum width:    4500 mm

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