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Mini-Max - Double door + fixed partitions

Made to measure


Mini-Max: Minimal frame = Maximal glass

This new concept is a combination of our glass patch system with a minimal anodised aluminium frame. The glass patch is fitted with Stealthpivot, designed to be mounted on top of a finished surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures.

  • Portapivot glass patch fittings
  • Minimal aluminium frame 20 x 38 mm
  • Available in 2 anodised colours
  • Only compatible with 8 mm tempered glass
  • Stealthpivot pivot hinge system
  • Fixed partition 3530 (30 x 35 mm frame)
  • Easy assembly & installation by craftsmen

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Self-assembly kit

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Mini-Max manualsTechnical files

Package contents

Aluminium profiles 20x38 mm

Aluminium profiles 20x38 mm

Assembly accessories

Assembly accessories

Stealthpivot set

Stealthpivot set

Installation accessories

Installation accessories

Glass is not included

Glass is not included


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