Modular walk-in closet system

Walk-in closet system Dress Wall by ANYWAYdoors
modular walk-in closet system
walk-in closet drawers
walk-in closet as a bedroom seperation
Modular walk-in closet system
modern walk-in closet system
walk-in closet dressing room
elegant walk-in closet system

Dress Wall

Dress Wall offers a purified and elegant alternative to your traditional wardrobe...

By literally thinking ‘out of the box’, we came up with a modular walk-in closet system based on our strongest design asset: perfect customization with advanced technology and flexible choice of finishing materials.

This innovative wardrobe system allows you to create a state of the art walk-in dressing room. By minimizing the elements, we prevent you from putting a ‘closet inside a closet’. which is unfortunately often the case.

With Dress Wall we offer a purified and elegant alternative to the more traditional wardrobe setup with either doors or sliding doors.

Our system is designed to feel like a boutique in your home.

modern walk-in closet with glas
Dress Wall walk-in closet
walk in closet under sloped ceiling
Open arrangement closet made from glass with floating shelves
Open kithen arrangement closet in glass
Glass walk in closet
Open walk-in wardrobe with glass
luxury walk-in closet

Unlimited finishing possibilities

Wall mounted or free standing

Dress Wall against the wall mounted setup

Dress Wall - wall mounted

Dress Wall walk-in closet system
Dress Wall against the wall with optional glass finish

Dress Wall - wall mounted with optional glass finish

Dress Wall free standing

Dress Wall mounted between floor and ceiling

Dress Wall - free standing with optional glass

Dress Wall consists of an anodized aluminium base structure, which can be used free-standing between floor and solid ceiling surface, or that can be mounted against a wall.

Optional LED lighting is fully integrated along the entire vertical profile height. It’s is an important visual and functional feature that gives quite accurate colour representation (4100K).

Modular arrangement technology

Adjustable shelf brackets

Adjustable clothing rail

The vertical profiles feature fully adjustable stainless-steel shelf brackets and stackable drawer sideboards made from anodized aluminium. The shelves can be made from any type of solid material with thicknesses from 8 up to 14 mm. Suggested finishes such as tempered glass, wood, ... create numerous design possibilities.

The stackable drawers side structure is designed to fit TA’OR made-to-measure drawers, equipped with Blum hardware. The shelves, hangers and drawers can be arranged to satisfy anyone’s storage needs. Even after installation, the arrangement remains easily adjustable due to modular locking technology.

Optional glass finishes

The backside of Dress Wall can be finished with glass in between the vertical profiles. A glass finishing sheet can either be used to finish off the wall surface when the profiles are mounted against the wall or glass can be used to create seperations when used in combination with the free standing setup.

Ta'or stackable drawers

Ta'or made-to-measure drawers
Modular walk-in closet with Ta'or drawers
Modern black and white walk-in closet

Dress Wall can be fitted with elegant Ta'or wooden drawers. The stackable anodized aluminium side structure is designed to fit made-to-measure TA’OR drawers, equipped with Blum soft-close hardware.

The drawers are offered in a 100 mm and 200 mm high setup that can be mixed as desired. The width and depth is always made-to-measure within the minimum and maximum available dimensions.  

You can also select to only spec the aluminium sideboards so you can add your own drawer system.

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Dress Wall walk-in closet system
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