Posted by Koen Dries

Brushed Brass finish

Portapivot 6530 & 3030 new exclusive brushed brass finish

Portapivot might just be the ideal solution to make a unique design statement in your client's interior. We offer our pivoting eye-catchers in a custom-made kit, designed for interior professionals and craftsmen!

Our popular pivoting door is made with a minimal anodized aluminium frame, available in 3 standard matte anodized colors and 1 very exclusive brushed brass anodized color. Our anodizing partner Alumet is renowed for its exclusive and high-end anodizing finishes and therefor we will be offering a very exclusive finish by June for both Portapivot 6530 (pivot door system) & Portapivot 3030 (fixed partition system).

Both the 6530 & 3030 frame systems can be fitted with any type of 6 or 8 mm thick tempered safety glass. We advise the use of 6 mm thick tempered glass due to it's overall weight advantage. Safety wise the glass is fully enclosed so the thickness is more than enough when using tempered glass.

The 6530 frame is equipped with our invisible "Stealth Pivot" pivoting hinges, designed specifically to be mounted on top of a finished surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures.


6530 brushed brass finish

Portapivot 6530

3030 brushed brass finish

Portapivot 3030

Portapivot 6530 XL brushed brass
Portapivot 6530 NL brushed brass